Look Trail ROC Bicycle Pedals

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Look Trail ROC flat pedal

If the trail is pointing downwards and there is insufficient grip, the TRAIL ROC pedals bite hard and give you the grip you need. With 12 steel pins per side and a concave shape made from different pin lengths - 10 mm outside and 8 mm inside - your foot will be picked up safely and confidently in order to master every challenge that the trail presents you.

  • 12 metal pins in two different lengths: outside 10 mm, inside 8 mm
  • Minimum profile of 17 mm
  • Optimal surface area.
  • Premium bearings (2 ball bearings & 1 plain bearing) + seals


  • Technology: Flat pedals
  • Pedal body: Alloy
  • Traction: 12 metal pins per side
  • Axis: Chromoly +
  • Surface area: 110x110 mm
  • Q-Factor: 61.5mm
  • Porfil: 17 mm
  • Pedal weight (per pedal): 220 g
  • Pedal weight (pair): 440 g

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