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MUC OFF Pit Kit (8-In-One) Cleaning Set

Contains 1x each Bike Cleaner 1,0l; Bike Spray 500ml; Detailing Brush; Soft Washing Brush; Claw Brush; Two Prong Brush; Sponge; Storage Tub.


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MUC OFF Extra Value Duo Pack

Double pack for effective cleaning.

Contains: 1 x Bike Cleaner including spray head (1000 ml) and 1 x Bike Protect Spray (500 ml).

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MUC OFF Wash, Protect & Lube Kit

Muc-Off Basic-Kit

Contains: 1 x Bike Cleaner with trigger (1000 ml) , 1 x MO-94 Multi-use Spray (400ml) and 1 x Wet Lube (50 ml).

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MUC OFF Bike Care Essentials Kit

The most important care products from Muc-Off, for holistic bike care.

Contains: 1 x Bike Cleaner (1000 ml) , 1 x Bike Protect (500ml), 1 x Expanding Sponge and 1 x Wheel & Component Brush.

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